Oh, Machine

by Panama Picture

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released June 22, 2011

Music written by Panama Picture.
Lyrics written by Robin Helm and Jannes Eschrich.
Produced by Robin Helm, Jannes Eschrich and Lars Oldendorf.
Mastered by Udo Rabenstein.
Artwork by Robin Helm.
Additional Vocals on 3 by Sönke Torpus, Melf Petersen and Daniel Jackson.
Panama Picture, 2011.


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Panama Picture Hamburg, Germany

Founded in 2010. Still making noise

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Track Name: Paper City
No one is gonna hurt you any more
When blood is the only thing that runs through your veins
This city doesn't answer to anyone of us, to anyone of us
Those needles are the last way to escape

We never fit in this place
We've never been so damn far away
Never found a way

Behind these shards I can see
Behind these shards I can see the paper city

Won't you wake up? Won't you wake up when I wake up?
Why don't you wake up? Why don't you wake up when I wake up?

And still I draw the line where we left this life behind

Never fit in this place, never found a way
Track Name: Goldfisch
Six-hundred days of staring through glass
Water is a silent thing
Too tired to care about leading this hollow life
Spent the day leaving behind
All I've ever known
A sunken ship, that they call home
Is nothing more...

The blurred voice from the radio
It sounds so familiar
If god gave me two feet
So I can walk over broken glass
The bitter taste watching the sun descending
Keeps me wide awake
I must get out of what they call home
It's nothing more...

And you're still asleep while I bid farewell
Though it seems so futile, I will be okay
Just wait a minute to break this thought
And when your world feels small
You will find me there in the water

Have you ever choked on air?

Look at them go, like balloons to the sky
Slowly my breath floats up
But it will never get far and neither do I
Will my dreams burst when I touch the surface
Or will they come true
When I escape of what they call home
It's nothing more...

What they call home is nothing more
Than another déjà vu
Track Name: The Antikythera Mechanism
This mechanic cloud cries an ocean
Of screws and gearwheels and cranks
The city is flooded by something born and beloved by us

Oh, machine ... still not feeling home

Thinking slowly, till the current will reach me
Time goes by dull since the mechanism sunk

Isolation deprives a human of existence
A bolt of lightning would fill his soul with lust
My hands are holding on to the frame
Don't tell me to let go

Something in my head does not add up
Retry, abourt, ignore!
All those numbers just won't satisfy my needs
You installed the virus, I know
Track Name: Coal
The coal gives me a piece of you
A piece of me needs this certainty
But your face on the faded paper
Black and white, just black and white
It's a pale portrait of you I drew
While you were looking at the docks
I thought the metro was the right place to rest
But too soon you got out and left

The lines I draw resemble perfection
The beauty I desire, you are perfection
It has stolen my affection, became an addiction
Enriched imagination, turned in desperation

The crooked shapes become a whole
Starting over and over again
Every piece of work a piece of gold
A treasure in my sacred land
Thousands of portraits of you I've drawn
All of them without a flaw
Every picture is full of perfect memories
Of you and me in harmony

When I wake tomorrow will you be there?
To take all those sorrows and my despair

When I wake tomorrow you won't be here
I've been chasing your shadow
Now even this disappeared
Track Name: If She Had Known / Epilogue
If she had known